About Me

I am graduated with my degree in Bachelor Of Computer Applications 12 years ago. I selected this field of computer because I have always been interested in doing something new.

Further, I developed PHP based portals and applications. So, in total, I have 12 Years of Professional experience in this field. 

Also, I have developed complex back-end management systems. It also includes content management. Moreover, I also have experience in e-commerce, customer relations and communication interfaces.

Further, in my full-time career journey, I have participated in many projects. Those were based on PHP in conjunction with various web development technologies.

In PHP, I have learnt core PHP, PHP with OOPS, PHP with frameworks, etc. SQL learnings & experience involves generic SQL, MySQL, etc.

Also, my JavaScript learning include generic JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, MooTool, etc. Further, I am also experienced in Comet server (real-time data streaming), XHTML, CSS, and XML.

Nevertheless, I have also designed layouts and templates. Especially, I have designed for various small companies and individuals.

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages/Technologies : PHP4 , PHP5 (All Version) ,PHP7(All Version) .
  • Content Management System   :     Wordpress , Joomla , Magento 1 (E-Commerce CMS ), Magento 2(E-Commerce CMS ) , OSClass(Classified CMS) , OSTicket ( Ticket System)
  • Database Management System :     MySQL , MSAccess
  • Operating Systems :    Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7/Windows 10 ,  Linux (Ubuntu , Fedora)
  • Web Server : Apache , Xampp , Wamp , Nginx , CentOS , AWS
  • Template Engines : Smarty
  • JavaScript Libraries : Jquery , MooTools
  • Standards : HTML (All Version ) , XML , CSS (All Versions)
  • Application Environments : PHPMyAdmin, Dreamviewer , Netbeans IDE , Eclipse IDE , Aqua Data, Visual Code Studio
  • Documentation tools: PHPDocumentor (PHP)
  • Frameworks : Code Igniter , Laravel , Symphony , CakePHP , Zend
  • Useful System Experienced : Cpanel , WHM , WHMCS , Boxbilling , CentOS Web Panel , Vesta Control Panel , Zoho Mail
  • Commercial experience in SOAP, REST or XML-RPC 
  • Agile Frameworks : Jira
  • Google Products : Webmaster , Analytics , Google Ads , Maps , Docs , Drive , Fonts , Maps Embed API,Page Speed Tools, Recaptcha , Google Sign-In for Website
  • Designing Tools : Photoshop 7.0

I am responsible person for everything at PHPSOF.com. So, You can contact me at phpsof@gmail.com. I welcome your inquiries, feedback, copyright-related matters, informing about any errors, anything and everything.