Top 7 Key Advantages of Cloud Computing | A Beginners Guide

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With the rise of digitized data, it has become difficult to store data. However, cloud service enables you to access databases & storage online. This is how you do not need to buy & maintain physical servers & data centers. In short, it brings ease to record all the important data online. As you move further in this guide, you will find amazing cloud computing advantages. 

laaS, SaaS, and PaaS services

It is a service that transfers network, storage, and computing resources on-demand to its customers. laaS basically means Infrastructure as a Service. With this simple pay-per-use model, big companies can save heavy costs. These expenditures are otherwise required to purchase, manage, & maintain the infrastructure.

SaaS is an acronym for Software as a Service. This feature enables access to a number of software available on the cloud. Many companies can use these multi-purposeful software. These cloud software are generally used to complete daily business activities. 

PaaS stands for Platform as a Service. It is a complete platform set inclusive of software, hardware, & infrastructure. Ultimately, it ensures easy application running & managing on the cloud. 

Enterprises do not have to incur additional costs for maintaining the system. It is the one of the greatest cloud computing advantages. Such outsourcing often helps companies to focus on their core tasks. So, these companies can focus on deploying of applications. 

Hybrid cloud & Multi-cloud

It is an environment wherein you can integrate the private cloud with public cloud. After that, you can utilize the two clouds flexibly. Also, you can share workloads, processes, & applications. 

Further, Multi-cloud enables you to use more than two clouds from multiple service providers. This is how you can integrate laaS, SaaS, and PaaS cloud services. Also, you can find out the best suitable service for you. 

Image of person using cloud server to store data

Development & Testing

Testing & development helps companies to operate under a definite budget. Also, it allows us to create the available environment using virtual & physical assets. Further steps involve installing & configuring the cloud platform. 

Big data analytics

It is one of the best cloud computing advantages. This feature provides easy access to huge volumes of structured & unstructured data. A company can utilize these data volumes to gain insights about itself. In other words, companies can understand the consumer behavior, buying patterns, etc. Once analyzed, these organizations can run marketing campaigns to generate leads. This technology has helped many big and small businesses.

Storage facility

It is a prime benefit of a cloud service. Companies can access, store, and retrieve the data using a stable internet. Also, you can extract the data anytime & anywhere. You just need to have a faster & secure internet connection. 

Also, you just need to pay for storage. You do not need to worry about storage maintenance. This in turn saves huge costs. It is the great cloud computing advantages. Moreover, you can store data off-premises & on-premises as per your needs.

Disaster Recovery facility

Data recovery is easier with cloud services! You can recover important data files in case of any disaster situations. Also, this facility is available in a cost-effective way. If you recover data from physical in-house storage, then you need to invest time & effort.

Backup facility

Data backup is necessary in all cases. However, it is tiresome as well as time-consuming. Also, manually moving data from one to another destination is not so easy. Such way involves various issues. Also, it takes greater time to load the data into backup devices. Such backup is required for further restoration. Many human errors can occur in this lengthy process. However, cloud facilities ease the pain. You can automatically transfer data over the internet.

To conclude, the best part is cloud is available at a cost-effective price. It is one of the prime cloud computing advantages. You can store heavy data volumes over a cloud server. It will save your time, efforts, and money as well.

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