A Complete Tutorial for How to Install WordPress on cPanel Manually

WordPress is a great Content Management System used to design many kinds of websites. This platform has varied themes & plugins that make your work easier. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install WordPress on cPanel manually. 

Download WordPress CMS

Firstly, you need to download the latest WordPress version from the WordPress website. So, you must download the zip file & save it on your desktop. 

Image showing steps to Install WordPress

After that, you are supposed to go to the directory and extract the entire archive. Also, you can note down the location of content extracted as you will need to upload it to the web server. 

Upload WordPress Install Script to Web Server

You can follow the below-mentioned steps. This is the first step on how to install WordPress on cPanel.

  1. Firstly, go to domain_name.com/cpanel to access your cPanel account. 
  2. Enter the user ID and Password to login into the account.
  3. Open file manager and search for the public_html directory. In this directory, you will store all your websites. 
  4. Thereafter, you are required to select a specific location for your website. Choose any one of the below options:
  • Save it in your domain’s root directory (domain_name.com/)

In the first way, you need to upload every content of your WordPress folder. However, make sure that you do not upload the folder itself. All your WP files & subfolders should be saved in public_html. 

  • Save it in a subfolder of your domain (domain_name.com/instance1)

In the second way, you need to upload the entire WordPress folder. After that, make sure that you rename it with your desired name. 

Image showing steps to Install WordPress on cPanel

  1. Once you have extracted the WordPress installation archive, you can delete the web file from the server. 

All your important WordPress files & folders should be listed in the WordPress folder. So, you can start the WordPress install. 

Make sure that you have the below elements before you before you learn how to install WordPress on cPanel. 

  1. MySQL Database & its user credentials
  2. MySQL Database host
  3. Table prefix 

Image showing steps to extract WordPress Installation archieve

So, follow the below steps:

Create MySQL Database & Database user

You will find cPanel’s MySQL Database Wizard under the Database heading. 

Image showing steps to Install WordPress on cPanel

  1. Firstly, you need to create & name a Database. Remember this Database name as you will need to refer to it later on.
  2. Proceed to the Next Step to create the Database. 

Create Database Users

This is the next step in learning how to install WordPress on cPanel. So, it involves creating Database users.

  1. Firstly, you will need to enter the username & password. The username should contain seven characters maximum. Your password should turn green & read as strong for security purposes. 

Image showing steps to enter user credentials on WordPress Database

  1. Make sure that you note down your password for future references. 

Assign user & its permissions to Database

You need to give database access to the new user. 

  1. Search for the ‘Add User to Database’ section on the page.
  2. Select the newly created username under the drop down menu. Then, click ‘Add’.
  3. Further, you need to add the database privileges. Tick on the ‘All Privileges’ checkbox for the initial database user. After that click on ‘Make Changes’.
  4. Verify the changes by viewing the current database. The privileged user should be assigned to the database.

In the end, you can open domain_name.com and complete the installation. 

Finish the installation by running WordPress Install Scripts

Lastly, you can run the install script to verify the installation. 

  1. Search http://domain_name.com/wp-admin/install.php if you have uploaded the files to the root directory. 
  2. Search http://domain_name.com/site1/wp-admin/install.php if you have uploaded files to a subfolder. 

In every case, you will need to upload the database details to verify the installation done. 

Image showing steps to Install WordPress on cPanel

Finish the WordPress Installation

This is the final step for learn how to install WordPress on cPanel. You need to enter Site Title, WordPress username, Email Address, and Password. These email address & password credentials are for your WordPress login. So, make sure that you do not enter the username & password used for database users. 

Image showing steps to Install WordPress on cPanel

In the end, you can click on Install WordPress. So, this is how you will be redirected to the login page. 


If you follow every step mentioned above, you can easily learn how to install WordPress on cPanel.

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