WordPress 5.7 Features – What’s New in the Esperanza Release?

WordPress 5.7 version has been released with brand-new features and improvements. The version ‘Esperanza’ has become live with enriching UX boosting functionalities. You will find enhanced upgrades both in core and editor. In this detailed guide, we will decode every WordPress 5.7 features & functionality of WordPress 5.7 beta. 

Let’s see how this version enhances your experience:

WordPress 5.7 Features Editor Improvements

The Gutenberg block editor is not the same as before! You can upload content in it more smoothly & quickly than before. Let’s understand why:

  • Drag and drop block insertion method

In the previous version, we were using blocks to integrate content on your page. With the new update, you can checkout ‘Add new block’. Thereby, you can simply drag & drop blocks to your content page. 

  • Utilize full-height blocks in WordPress 5.7 Features

This update will enhance the visual experience of your website visitors. You can select full-width blocks that cover the entire window. 

Here is a screenshot showing how to enable this WordPress 5.7 features:

Image showing toggle full height which is WordPress 5.7 features

  • Social icon blocks sizes & description

Furthermore, the newer version allows you to change the social media icon sizes. Also, you can preview the separate description shown for each social media icon. 

Image showing flexible social icon sizes available in the WordPress 5.7 features

Image showing block variation description in new WordPress update

  • Improved button block

Further, you can keep the vertical alignment of the buttons block. Also, you will be able to set preset percentage width for the buttons. 

Image showing improved button block in the new WordPress release

  • Adjust font size in the List & Code blocks

You can now adjust the font size through List and Code blocks with a single click. 

Image showing font sizes in Esperanza WordPress 5.7 features

Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS in a single click

The migration from HTTP to HTTPS is quicker & hassle-free today! Previously, you used to manually update URLs. So, this is how you were able to shield yourself from mixed content issues. In the latest WordPress 5.7 features, WordPress updates database URLs in a single click. 

Image showing smooth migration from HTTP to HTTPS in latest WordPress update

Simplified color palette

In the newer version, you can access the color palette available in 7 core colors. So, these shades include blue, red, green, yellow, black, grey, and white. This in turn will open up wider light & dark color schemes. 

Image showing new color scheme palettes in WordPress 5.7 features

New Robots API

In the latest update, wp_robots function is introduced. Using it, developers can alter the robots meta tag by combining their personalized filters. 

So, here is an example showing how it will work.

function wporg_wp_robots_add_follow( $robots ) {
    $robots['follow'] = true;
    return $robots;
add_filter( 'wp_robots', 'wporg_wp_robots_add_follow' );

Moreover, the max-image-preview will display a large image for  preview in the search results. 

So, this is how it will look in your source code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta name="robots" content="max-image-preview:large" />

Also, if you want search engines to determine which image to use for preview, then you can add the following code. So, it will be added in the functions.php file or a site-specific plugin. 

remove_filter( 'wp_robots', 
'wp_robots_max_image_preview_large' );

Lazy-loading available for iFrames

This WordPress 5.7 features basically loads an website item whenever it is viewed. Which in turn speeds up the site loading time. Now, all your embeds that use iFrames including YouTube videos will load lazy. 

Final check with jQuery 3.5.1

Lastly, being a developer, you also need to verify your codes with the latest jQuery version. Make sure that your themes & plugins are compatible with the latest version. 

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