How to delete “Uncategorized” Product Category in WooCommerce permanently?

In WooCommerce, you can list products in a certain category. The unknown category product falls under the “Uncategorized” section. However, an “uncategorized” category does not look cool on your frontend page. So, in this blog, you will learn how to delete Uncategorized product category permanently.

Step 1: Set another category as “Make default” 

It is first step to remove the “Uncategorized” category. You can set another product category as a default one. Get a better picture of the same by looking the below screenshot.

How to create a default category? You need to select any given category. Thereafter, you can click on the “Make default” option.

Image showing how to change default category to delete "Uncategorized" product category in WooCommerce

Step 2: Delete Uncategorized Category

In the next step, you can freely remove the “Uncategorized” category. The reason being you have set another one as your default. Simply click on “Delete” as shown in the screenshot. 

Image indicating how to delete uncategorized category

I hope that you enjoyed reading this short guide. So, it keenly explains how to delete Uncategorized Product Category. Share it with your developer friends. 

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